Measuring the Impact of Site Mentions

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Jun 27th, 2010 Social Media 1 Comment

Stumble Measuring the Impact of Site Mentions

This article looks into the impact of having a popular celebrity mention your site. None of my articles have made it to Digg’s homepage, so I can’t measure Digg’s impact but this is the next best thing.

Spikes in Traffic from Mentions is a site which is still in development. Traffic is slow and steady, it ranks well on the major search engines, dominates Asian searches and has high rankings for certain keywords. It’s one of those sites which has high potential and only when the likes of popular bloggers and social media mentions are on the site, is when traffic is noticed.

Impact of Mentions

Getting “famous bloggers” to write on your site is difficult. has seen the likes of the following internet celebrities/companies who have all directly or indirectly mentioned this site:

  • Luke Moulton from Flippa
  • Adtoll
  • DGM Asia
  • Vladimir Prelovac
  • Patrick Altoft
  • John Chow
  • Kieron Donoghue

Guy Kawasaki Comment and Traffic

Comment Mentions

Guy’s comment relating to my recent Alltop post was just:

Thanks for the review.

Alltop does have RSS feeds. Just add “/rss” to any topic.

Eg, We are so open we also offer OPML:

Thanks, Guy

He then mentioned my article by way of a short post on his Twitter account, he also mentioned the site again a few hours later (thanks!).

I can’t access Twitter in China, but can see the tweets via backtype.

See the screenshots below:

Last pages
Guy's Mention

Chain of Events from the Tweet

  • Got hits from,
  • Got pinged by, which linked to his comment directly.
  • Got picked up by robots/Twitter aggregators – and
  • Url shortners came next –, and,
  • Got hits coming to the site from people clicking on the url shortners on Twitter.
  • Mashable got involved by being placed on their twitterlist location.
  • A few hours later RT’s or Retweets still mention the article on Twitter.


The conclusion is that even a small comment made in a few seconds, by someone with many followers is that it will cause traffic ripples. I can understand the impact of the importance of social media now and the instant effects it has. It could take me weeks to get links to a certain article using SEO methods but a quick tweet from a popular internet celebrity and links came to the site in minutes.

The question is whether these Tweets will lead to more visitors coming back, tweeting articles from the site on their own…or perhaps it was a one off. Maybe tweets are like getting Dugg (via Digg), the hits are great but may not bring much value.

Also sort of on topic, I’m reminded of this old 2007 post by emonitized which reminds users to post comments on high ranking blogs in order to get traffic. Enjoy!

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