Most Influential Bloggers in Malaysia

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Apr 28th, 2009 Famous People 4 Comment

Stumble Most Influential Bloggers in Malaysia

The focus of this article is to look at popular Malaysian Bloggers who either make a significant income from blogging and/or have a famous online presence whilst giving reasons why they are so popular.

Criteria and Why Influential?

The selection process was based on “online criteria” such as Google/Yahoo/MSN backlinks, Alexa ranking and being referred to in other Blogger’s posts. I was also looking for people who blog full time and make a high income from their sites.

Previous popular blog lists have been based around technorati etc.,. Since Technorati is blocked in countries like China, it can’t give a fair result as to where visits are coming from. The best way of comparing would be to look at each site’s Google Analytic stats, but I seriously doubt bloggers would give me that information!

About the Judge

My name is Giles Dawe and my background is that I’ve ran (now an ex-owner) “Best Blogs Asia“, the biggest directory of Asian Blog links since 2003 where users vote for their favourite blogs. I’m also a blogger living in Asia and web producer, so I know the reasons how and why a site is popular.

Malaysian Blog List

Whenever I’ve made searches in the past for “Best Malaysian Blogs” I’ve always come across Political blogs, Food blogs, technology or Celebrity sites. I’m looking for bloggers who have something to say, preferably about life in Malaysia and about themselves.

Kenny Sia

Kenny Sia

Kenny Sia is a funny guy.

He blogs about himself and his travels, making each post interesting and most have photos. Each entry gets at least 50+ comments so means he’s established himself with repeat visitors and has a huge amount traffic driven to his site.

Why is he influential?

He’s been on tv, blogs about everyday life, makes substantial amounts of money from his blog whilst not pushing for the hard sell.

Liew CF

Liew CF

Liew CF is a techy blogger who promotes all things techy and internet related.

Why is he influential?

Whilst there may be other Malaysian bloggers who can earn more than Liew CF by discussing tech/make money online, from reading his blog it doesn’t feel like he’s trying to make you click on any affiliate links or anything else which can make him richer.

He just gives useful advice and has got very rich from his trusted readership.

Hot Screensaver

Hot Screensaver

Hot Screensaver is a blogger who talks about food, fashion and everyday life in Malaysia.

Why is he influential?

He has large numbers of visitors to his site, perhaps monetising on visitors who search the site looking for “hot chicks” or latest fashion tips.

The location and colouring of his Adsense adverts must bring him substantial amounts of income, whilst the different types of postings in different niches must bring different types of visitors to his site.



5xmom is run by Lilian Chan, a full time blogger who also looks after her family.

Her posts attract a lot of debates on a wide range of subjects.

Why is she influential?

If there was an award for hardest working blogger, than 5xmom would probably win it.

She blogs on multiple sites with different niches, consistently and makes a steady stream of revenue.



Sabahan is a Borneo based blogger, who blogs and sells his own affiliate products online.

Why is he influential?

He discloses how much income he makes, which programs he uses and whether they were effective or not.

This form of honesty is reflected by his users interest, whilst their comments on posts are always replied to by Sabahan.

Malaysian Blogger Chart

Malaysian Chart

Notable Mentions

It’s always nice to see the top bloggers, then people always link to them and they get more popular. But what about other popular bloggers?

Other Malaysian Bloggers are at in the Directory.

How do they all make money?

This is the million dollar question, but it’s a combination of having the right amount of visitors (Malaysia, Singapore and US mostly) who are targeted at the products they are selling:

Other ways to make Money


There are always new bloggers coming about on the scene and the list would be ever changing. This isn’t a definitive guide, but should be used as indication of who is out there in this particular country. If there is someone who is missing from this list, let me know!

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4 Replies:

  1. These are all famous bloggers in Malaysia! Each one has their own special characters, I especially love Kennysia’s humor and Neo’s beautiful photos!

  2. Kenny is a cool guy, that’s why he’s so popular (and rich)…

  3. yes, there are more and more new blogger coming up now.
    I like to read kennysia’s blog, very entertaining.
    he won the best entertainment blog in Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Award

  4. interesting compilation of your list. since that blogging is obviously far more popular on this part of the world, its good to know the “who’s who” of blogging in Malaysia


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