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Mar 8th, 2009 Promotion Techniques 5 Comment

Stumble Google Add Url

Everyone who has a brand new website, always look to get it ranked on Google since it is the biggest search engine in the world.

Adding Url to Google

However, I’ve found out that SEO’s recommend NOT to use the “Add URL” form with Google.

The location is at:

SEO’s believe that using that form to let Google know about your site will actually hurt your PR and, at the same time, make Google rank you lower. In other words, you absolutely never want to use that form, or the similar form on any other search engine, to promote your website.

By extension, that also means that you absolutely never use any automated “website submission software,” either. Those are the things that claim they’ll submit you to some incredible number of search engines with a single click.

Adding to Google

My experience is that getting backlinks to your site from already Google indexed sites is enough. Also by placing Adsense on your pages, you’ll be getting Google spiders and finally submitting your sitemap to Google Webmasters will also allow Google spiders to crawl your pages.

My site still isn’t indexed?

One thing which I’m doing is using Google Webmaster to contact Google about a domain. I purchased a site which should of been listed by now so was perhaps banned because of the previous site owner (duplicate content, bad link neighbourhood or bad practices).

April 2009: No news yet – I’ll update this thread with the news.

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5 Replies:

  1. Interesting post, but tell me do you have any facts to back up your claims? What should the logic be in this? Why should google want to trap siteowners like that?

  2. Thanks. The claim is to do with the number of requests. Any new and live site will be picked up by Google at some point in time, via RSS, links from other sites and so on. So by actually letting Google know that you have a site can lead it to be banned. Google have banned some of my sites in the past for this reason (for over submitting) and had to be resolved in the Webmasters area.

  3. I just knew that by placing Adsense it would be spidered by Google. Thanks for the info

  4. just put the adsense and my blog will be indexed?
    hmm thanks bro
    I’ll try it

  5. The adsense trick works immediately


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